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Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine for Fertility

FertilityDr (TCM) Angelo D’Alberto has helped hundreds of patients conceive with over 75% of his patients coming to see him for fertility acupuncture. He is very skilled and knowledgeable in this area and can devise a treatment plan whether you are looking to conceive naturally or about to embark on an IVF cycle. Most patients receive fertility acupuncture, and some may also be advised to take Chinese herbal medicine as part of their treatment plan.

Some of the common disorders that are seen in the clinic and which hinder patients conceiving are listed below. Please click on the relevant page for more information:

In general, the aim of the treatment plan is to make every part of the menstrual cycle as optimal as possible for ovulation, conception and pregnancy to occur. This means:

  • Regulating Hormones – a regular 28-30-day cycle with good quality fertile cervical mucus, pain free ovulation at midcycle, no premenstrual symptoms and a pain free period with a moderate flow of fresh red blood.
  • Improve the quality of fertile mucus – this appears several days before ovulation and is needed to nourish the sperm and guide it to the egg.
  • Promote an efficient menstruation – the menstrual bleeding reflects the quality of the uterine lining which is important for implantation as women with a thin lining have an association with IVF failure or recurrent miscarriages.
  • Improve egg development – whilst the genetic components for a woman's eggs are composed when the woman herself is an embryo, the process of egg maturation is under the influence of her hormones which can be influenced.
  • It also appears possible to improve the integrity of the eggs released following acupuncture perhaps by the increased blood supply to the developing follicles or by the increased nutritional supply to the egg via the fluids that surround and nourish it.
  • Encourage movement of the egg/embryo along the tubes.
  • Promote implantation.
  • Promote a viable pregnancy.

Dietary, nutritional and lifestyle advice are also components of a treatment plan, which may also involve monitoring your basal body temperature.